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We are a state-certified childcare with highly-trained and experienced teachers and staff.


We have a variety of extracurricular activities available on-site at nominal monthly rates:


Stimulate creativity and critical thinking skills by learning another language! Learning Spanish is an investment in your child's future; Spanish is an official language on four continents and is seeing an enormous increase in use in the U.S. Lessons are taught once a week.
Contact: Ms. Mariana Carretero



Playing a musical instrument sharpens the mind, promotes discipline, provides a sense of accomplishment, and is, most of all, fun! Piano lessons are provided once a week.
Contact: Ms. Consuela Stewart



As part of our IGASP initiative, a one-hour gymnastics class is available once a week at our 3402 Cartwright location's indoor gym - with lower rates for currently enrolled NMMS students. Transportation will be provided for students enrolled in our other locations.



Exploring movement and physical self-control is an important developmental step in children’seducation. Dance provides an opportunity for students to connect their left and right brains through physical movement and artistic expression. Provided by Shingari School of Rhythm.



Karate is important not only for self-defense, but for learning discipline and self-control. The art of Karate can help students to excel in physical control and to increase in confidence. Provided by Babu Antony School of Martial Arts.


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