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We are a state-certified childcare with highly-trained and experienced teachers and staff.


Indoor Gymnastic & After School Program @ NMMS

IGASP will help kids to stay active and fit. Society is becoming more and more focused on television and computers, but it is extremely important to keep our kids healthy and in shape. Lifelong habits develop at a young age. If we involve our kids in moving around and exercising, they will carry this concept with them throughout life. Some of the many health benefits that a child can get from participating in gym classes are:

  • Development of bone density
  • Increase in muscle growth
  • Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Increased flexibility, coordination, and strength
  • Learn to set and reach goals
  • Develop a hard work ethic
  • Continue to challenge themselves
  • Become responsible for their actions
  • Gain a sense of independence
  • Providing a means to meet new friends
  • Increasing their self-esteem around peers
  • Allowing them to feel safe performing for people
  • Creating a team-building environment

We offer gymnastic classes once a week in one hour sessions at our 3402 Cartwright location. We do pick up students from our other locations and drop them off again after providing them with gymnastic coaching. Rates for gymnastic class are available either as a separate extra-curricular activity or coupled with our after-school program as IGASP.


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